The first smartphone with Meizu Super mCharge can leave at the end of this year

At the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2017, the company Meizu has announced a new generation of fast-charging technology mCharge.

We will remind, the new Meizu Super mCharge allows you to fully charge the battery capacity of 3000 mA•h for 20 minutes, and 10 minute charge will replenish its capacity by 60%.

During the announcement of the representatives of Meizu did not say when exactly the market will be the first smartphones with support for Meizu Super mCharge. However, an anonymous employee of the company gave an answer to a question journalists Phone Arena.

It turns out that technology is quite real, moreover, Meizu plans to introduce the first smartphone Meizu Super mCharge at the end of this year, but its release may be postponed for the beginning of 2018.

No details about the smartphone company employee said.



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