The first reviews of the iPhone X show that the camera TrueDepth still not as omnipotent as described by Apple

Despite the fact that sales of the iPhone X will start on November 3, Apple went on quite unusual for the company and distributed to new arrivals many thematic resources a few days before the start.

As a result, today the Network can find a lot of reviews and box openings. Because of this, we have the opportunity to learn important details.

First, the smartphone cost $ 1,000 (and in many countries it is much more expensive) Apple didn’t put the adapter for quick charging. Inside the package, buyers of the flagship will find the usual memory on 1 A. of Course, we can say that existing powerful memory from the company too overall, but other manufacturers have had to develop the necessary charger suitable size. In the end, the state remains a fact — Apple is simply greedy and even such an expensive device is a conventional memory. By the way, set the iPhone X, in principle, does not differ significantly from its predecessors.

The second important point — the camera work TrueDepth. At the presentation, Apple promised that the camera will be able to know the owner, even if he wears a hat, the hat, the glasses, grow a beard and so on. It turned out that the company was a bit cunning. For example, if a little change your hairstyle or shave off his beard, the problems with hit detection is not. But the rest can be questions. Too fancy sunglasses, hat with scarf, and other similar sharp change iPhone X do not understand. The same is true for wigs or a fake mustache, but it’s more important just for the experiment than for real life.

So the camera TrueDepth though impressive, but it is not as powerful as it is described by Apple during the presentation. In fairness it should be noted that in such situations everything can be solved simply. If the user is wearing a hat and a smartphone is not able to recognize it enough to unlock the device through the password, and it automatically without any confirmations or warnings are characterized by the new owner. That is, immediately after that, the smartphone will already know that he its user, but in a different form. However, for girls who love to manage their way through a variety of hats, scarves, glasses and other similar accessories, it can become a problem.



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