The first price data indicates that the AMD R7 Ryzen 1800X, R7 and R7 1700X 1700 will cost respectively 600, 470 and 390 euros

As we approach the release of AMD Ryzen, the more information about them arrives. A few days ago, we learned the approximate parameters of almost two dozen new CPU, and at the same time and about the new naming system of the company.

Now, the Network appeared information about the prices of some processors Ryzen. This information should be treated with caution, as it is the ratio between price and performance and will depend on the success of the new products AMD.

So, the flagship of the new family, the R7 1800X, will cost 600 euros. The source suggests that its greater frequency is 4 GHz. As for the base, previously it was thought that it will be equal to 3.4 GHz, but more data point to 3.6 GHz. Whatever it was, this CPU according to AMD and other sources, it is able to compete with the Intel Core i7-6900K, which costs $ 1,000, and also belongs to the family of Broadwell-E, which requires a motherboard with LGA 2011 socket.

CPU R7 1700X, increased frequency of which, according to the source, is 3.8 GHz, will cost 470 euros. This is much more than asking for a Core i7-7700K ($350), that is, to expect and greater productivity. But CPU R7 1700 with increased frequency 3.7 GHz will cost 390 euros, which is slightly more expensive than the flagship Intel. Besides, it is reported that this processor is characterized by TDP of only 65 watts. Also keep in mind that this is the price for Europe and in the United States the processors may be somewhat cheaper.

While it is still difficult to speculate about the competitiveness of Ryzen, but before the release of new products remains very little time.



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