The first mixed reality headset Microsoft would start shipping to developers later this month

Last year it became known that Microsoft will help partners bring to market an inexpensive virtual reality headset to work with PC. It was assumed that such devices will cost between $ 300 and all of them will not require too powerful and expensive computer.

At the GDC event, Microsoft said that already in the current month it will start shipping Acer headsets designed for developers. Microsoft calls such devices headsets mixed reality. If you look at the image, it will be clear that the device is indeed something of a cross between AR and VR headsets, because it has a completely closed housing, but it has cameras.

The company focuses on the fact that this device does not need additional sensors or complex setup. You need to specify that in March, the headset will begin to Microsoft partners and other developers wanting to work on games or such headsets, you can get kits in the coming months.

As for the headset the Acer, it has two screens with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels with frame rate 90 Hz, that is, the picture quality should be good enough.



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