The first Intel CPU with AMD GPU will relate to the generation of Kaby Lake and will be on the market later this year

At the end of last year reported that Intel has signed a licensing agreement with AMD, in which graphics technology will be used in Intel processors.

Here it should be noted that not necessarily talking about the direct use of the GPU in AMD processors competitor. For example, at the moment, Intel has a licensing agreement with Nvidia, but the processor first we don’t see GPU architecture Nvidia as the processor giant just uses certain technology partner. It could be assumed that it will be so in the case of AMD, that is, ordinary consumers won’t even know about any changes or agreements.

Kyle Bennett (Kyle Bennett), head of resource HardOCP, who shared information about the agreement with Intel, AMD, a couple of days ago revealed new details. It follows that the agreement between the companies signed, but the financial side of the transaction has not been carried out. The first Intel GPU that uses AMD technology to hit the market this year. And he will relate to the current generation of Kaby Lake. Its performance will be somewhere in the middle between the bottom and middle segments. Accordingly, the price must also be relatively low.

Bennett also reports that this processor will contain two crystals under the lid: separate CPU, separate GPU. All this indirectly indicates that Intel is to AMD GPU ready, as the time to develop new solutions using new technologies the company does. On the other hand, we don’t know when companies started to cooperate, so that, quite possibly, Intel gained access to the designs of a competitor and a partner for quite some time.



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