The first images of the smartphone Motorola Droid Turbo 3 show the charm, but not the fact that a real smartphone

The smartphone Motorola Droid Turbo with 2 «shatterproof» display ShatterShield was submitted over a year ago. To date, no data about its successor in the Network do not appear.

And here’s the source has released images of the device, which supposedly is a model for Droid Turbo 3. It is worth noting that this is clearly an informal a 3D image, so we should not exclude the fact that they are just someone’s imagination. Moreover, they don’t show the USB port.

But if it will look like new Droid Turbo, for Motorola, we can only rejoice, since the device in the images embodied some of the best design ideas of the past of the company.

You can also mention the Hasselblad camera resolution 16 Megapixel with aperture F/1.9 and support modules. Will the new Droid Turbo exactly, time will tell.



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