The first image newer lens Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2

In the network appeared the first image of the modern version of the lens Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2.

This lens is a modern reincarnation of the antique models produced from 1935 to 1949. Just the period was made not more than 3000 copies, but the lens is known to connoisseurs and collectors. It was designed for portraiture. One of the features of Leica Thambar-M 90mm f/2.2 was the filter with a silver-plated round area in the center, which has achieved softening of the image desired in portraits. Interestingly, the lens was applied two scales the diaphragm is one used when shooting without the mentioned filter, the second with him.

When it will be released a new version of the lens for some cameras it is intended and how much it will cost — is still unknown.



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