The first generation Nvidia Volta will appear on the market only in 2018

This year, Nvidia launched a very successful graphics card based on the Pascal architecture. We have yet to see the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, which will fully reveal the potential of the new generation. But now the Network has data about the Volta architecture, which will be followed by Pascal.

Recent data indicate that the first consumer graphics cards of new generation appears on the market only in 2018. The very same architecture can already present at the event GTC 2017. It is possible that this will be followed by the announcement of the professional accelerators generation Volta.

But the whole 2017 alleged ball will be ruled card Pascal. In fact, there is no surprise and the timing is quite familiar. At least we haven’t shown the consumer device based on GPU GP102.

Due to the fact that Volta will appear only in 2018, the cards of this generation are attributed to the presence of memory GDDR6 (with frequency up to 16 GHz) and HBM3. In the latter case, the throughput will reach 1 TB/s. But these types of memory have not even been submitted.



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