The first full results of the test processor Intel Core i7-7700K demonstrate the highly uneven

According to new data, desktop Intel Kaby Lake will be presented on 5 January. But to see the first results of full testing we can now.

They were published online Eteknix, at whose disposal came CPU Core i5-and Core i7 7600K-7700K. Both processors have four cores. The first operates at frequencies of 3.6-4.2 GHz and has 6 MB cache in the third level. The second is working at frequencies of 4.2-4.5 GHz, has 8 MB cache memory and supports HyperThreading. Both new TDP stated is 91 watts. By the way, both processors could overclock to a frequency of 5.1 GHz, although the temperature regime is the older model even with the use of ISO was far from normal.

So, the test results can be seen in the charts below.

As you can see, with rare exceptions, in comparison with their predecessors, the new Intel CPU performance has increased quite a bit. But the integrated GPU has grown more significantly.

You would think that Intel did a good job on energy efficiency of the new processors, but the chart below indicates that all became even worse.

As you can see, under load Core i7-7700K consumes almost 20% more power than its predecessor, which did not correlate with the performance increase. The temperature regime is also not happy, although the reason for this we already know. On the other hand, the temperature is overclocked to 5.1 GHz CPU Core i5-7600K under load lower than that of running on native frequency Core i7-7700K!

Of course, you can wait for tests after the official announcement and hope that they will show a different result, but we can hardly count on it.



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