The first commercial flight of the spacecraft SpaceShipTwo is scheduled for next year

The company Virgin Galactic, at the end of last year successfully experienced your new ship SpaceShipTwo, intends next year to make its first commercial suborbital flight.

In order to properly prepare for this step, the company intends to soon begin regular testing of the ship’s active engine. They will be held approximately every three weeks until November or December.

The first commercial flight, if all goes according to plan, SpaceShipTwo will do at the end of 2018. Recall that in 2014, the last version of the ship was wrecked that, first, threw the company a few years ago in plans of the conquest of space, and secondly, it created not the best reputation.

Anyway, SpaceShipTwo in a new form, ready to take six passengers to an altitude of about 140 km (according to some — to 320 km), which will provide up to six minutes of being in zero gravity. Given the characteristics of the ship, such runs can be done quite often, and their value will be many times less than in the case of conventional rockets.



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