The first branch Hyperloop may appear in the UAE, but it will load

About a new type of transport, Hyperloop trains, write more often. While it did not reach even to any relatively large-scale trials, but this is because the idea came from only last year.

The first branch Hyperloop could appear in different parts of the world, but quite possibly will appear in the UAE. Given the financial possibilities of the country, it would not be surprising.

So, Hyperloop One signed an agreement with Arab company DP World, in which the partners will develop a feasibility study of construction of branches for the Hyperloop trains in Dubai. DP World, by the way, is the third largest port operator in the world.

In the first stage will evaluate the possibility of building a branch from the port of Jebel Ali. It will be a freight line that will help to transport containers from ships directly in a special storage. That is to say that record the speed of moving objects in the pipes Hyperloop in this case is not the cornerstone. Perhaps UAE simply wants to become the first country in the world, where he built the branch «vacuum trains». Anyway, the plans of the partners are also evaluating the possibility of building a passenger line that will connect Dubai and Fujairah.



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