The firmware update adds camera Nikon D5 two new modes of selecting the focus area

Nikon has released a firmware upgrade for camera Nikon D5. Version 1.20 contains a lot of innovations.

In particular, added two new modes of focus area selection: AF (HL) and AF (VL). In the first the user can select a row in the second column of focus points when shooting with continuous autofocus (AF-C). System auto focus will give priority to point in the selected row or column, which gets the nearest object in the frame. Recall that the Nikon D5 has 153 focus points, of which 99 are cross — shaped.

The updated screen information about the image, so now we can see the color temperature for shots taken with automatic white balance settings.

Added to the EXIF tag that records the difference between local time and UTC, as stipulated in the EXIF specification 2.31.

In addition, added support for certain features of the AF-P. So, if time has expired the timer after the image is in focus, focus will not change after the re-activation of the timer. In manual focus mode the focus indicator in the viewfinder (or on screen in live view) will be blinking, if the rotation of the focus ring reached the position of minimum distance or infinity.

Changed the checks after selecting in the options menu sensor cleaning (Clean image sensor > Clean now). The manufacturer recommends to perform cleanup after upgrading the firmware.

In addition, fixed some bugs in the camera, and the tips on the menu.

Source: Nikon



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