The financial performance of LG in the second quarter has improved, although the smartphone LG G6 has not fulfilled the plan of sales

LG Electronics today reported the results of its activities during the second quarter of this year, noting that to improve the performance allowed for stable sales of TVs and home appliances.

Operating profit amounted to 594 million dollars, last year it increased by 13.6%. The company’s income amounted to 13 billion dollars.

The division of home appliances and air conditioners has increased the profitability of 7.4%, and the income of the division grew by 11.7%. The most popular were the flagship models of air conditioners and water purifiers.

The sale of entertainment division decreased by 3.8% and profit increased by 8.1%. Units of smart phones and spare parts for cars reported a loss in the amount of 118 and 14.7 million dollars, respectively.

It is reported that the flagship smartphone LG G6 was not able to carry out the established plan for sales and did not help the relevant unit to improve their position.



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