The fee for developers Winkel Board compatible with Arduino and offers a high degree of integration

The company Mintbox Technologies has launched a campaign to raise funds for the production of boards Winkel Board used for development and prototyping. The upcoming new product has a high degree of integration and support for major wireless interfaces that may be required in such projects.

The Foundation Board Winkel Board was the Atmel Atmega128 microcontroller with a flash memory of 128 KB SRAM and a memory capacity of 4 KB. The controller is compatible with the development environment the Arduino IDE, but unlike the boards, the new product is already soldered wifi module with Espressif ESP8266 Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n module Itead HC-05 Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR. The Atmel controllers and Espressif is connected by the UART, and can execute code independently of each other. A radio transceiver Nordic nRF24L01 working in the ISM band, as well as real-time clock DS3231. You can connect the daughter Board with the accelerometer and gyro MPU-6050.

Fee Winkel Board has a total of 38 digital and 8 analog connectors input / output for power and programming are soldered microUSB port. The minimum fee for the possession of the Board with two microcontrollers is $21, a variant on the basis of Atmega128 valued at $12.



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