The fee for developers Microchip Explorer 16/32 is designed for 16 — bit and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers

The range of the company Microchip Technology has expanded the fee for developers Explorer 16/32 capable of 16 — bit and 32-bit PIC microcontrollers. It is designed for plug-in modules with microcontrollers PIC24, dsPIC33 and PIC32. New cheaper model of the popular Explorer 16 and is backward compatible with it.

The Board has the programmer, debugger, and other necessary components. The bus is equipped with a mikroBUS interface, which can connect expansion cards of the Click production company MikroElectronika. Also the motherboard is the USB port used for power and information exchange.

Backward compatibility with Explorer 16 Board to continue to utilize existing code, libraries, and prototype daughter Board PICtail Plus, connect to the PICtail Plus connector. To connect PICtail Plus daughter boards will need a expansion card PICtail Plus Expansion Board.

Price of set #DM240001-3, such as pay-16/32 Explorer module with a microcontroller PIC24FJ1024GB610 and two USB cables is $110. Separate fee (#DM240001-2) costs $80. Expansion card PICtail Plus Expansion Board (#AC240100) mikroBUS and a small area for prototyping is worth $40.

Source: Microchip Technology



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