The FCC requires Apple impossible

The representative of the Federal communications Commission (FCC) of the United States addressed the new requirement to activate the FM receiver in the iPhone of last generation. This demand was justified by considerations of public security, citing the possibility of user alerts on the radio about natural disasters, such as hurricanes. Only one problem: the iPhone has no FM receiver.

This applies not only to iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, but previous models starting with the iPhone 6s. Even in the old models where the receiver was still part of the configuration of the RF unit, he was not involved.

This is stated in the response by Apple, which cites the source:

«Apple cares about its users’ security, especially in critical situations, so we have implemented in our products modern solutions in the field of security. Users can call an emergency and to access information on medical card directly from the lock screen, and we provide government notification of emergency situations — from weather alerts to system message AMBER of abducted children. IPhone 7 and iPhone 8 does not have FM chip and the respective antennas, so it is impossible to enable FM reception in these products».

The source appealed to the FCC for comment, but so far have not received it.



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