The FBI paid for tools for hacking the notorious iPhone 5c less than previously thought

In the past year a lot of fuss about the hacking of the iPhone 5c, belonging Rizwana Farouk (Rizwan Farook), the arrow from San Bernardino, responsible for the deaths of 16 people.

Then the FBI received from unknown hackers tools allowing to hack a smartphone. The FBI Director even told reporters the approximate amount I had to pay the hackers: about $ 1.3 million.

Now, however, it turned out that the amount was somewhat less. Senator Dianne Feinstein (Dianne Feinstein) in the framework of the investigation of this case has publicly stated that the government paid for tools for cracking of $ 900,000.

Note that the investigation is a result of a claim against the government by The Associated Press and other organizations demanding that the FBI reveal all the details of the case. At the moment the identity of those who have provided the government with tools for cracking, remain unknown.



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