The family of video cards Radeon RX 500 will contain models based on the GPU Polaris

As we have informed, on February 28, AMD has planned an event Capsaicin. It is likely that on this day the company will introduce a new graphics card with GPU Vega, or at least reveal some details about them.

According to the source, a family of 3D-cards Radeon RX 500, which will include new models, will consist of devices based on multiple GPUs: Vega 10, 11, Vega and Polaris.

The flagship cards will be based on Vega 10. If you focus on early leaks, they will be able to compete with the GeForce GTX 1080. The most productive 3D-card is supposed to get 8 GB of memory HBM2. Rumors also credited with the device of 4096 stream processors.

Accelerators based on GPU 11 Vega needs to change the cards RX RX 480 and 470. That is, will cost less than $ 300, getting into the hottest segment of this market.

The source also claims that AMD will be selling some products based on the GPU Polaris. What is not clear. May RX RX 480 and 470 will drop and will remain in service under new names. Maybe Radeon RX 460 will be renamed to RX RX 550 or 560 (for example), so how about budget GPU Vega we no rumors heard.



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