The FAA can prohibit U.S. airlines to carry the Samsung Galaxy Note7

Despite the fact that Samsung is beginning to withdraw smartphones Galaxy Note7 with the aim of replacing them, this procedure, of course, optional. So, in any case, there are those who do not want to change the already popular camera.

For this reason, the Federal office of civil aviation USA (FAA) is currently considering a ban of the Galaxy Note7 transport aircraft. That is, if the user will have access to such a device, it with it will not be allowed on the plane. However, again, it all remains on conscience of passengers, as not everywhere will be taking a close look at each model Samsung to reveal exactly Note7. Especially given the similarity of the product with other flagship devices of the company.

At the moment no airline of the USA, according to a source, has not imposed prohibitions on the carriage of the new flagship of Samsung.



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