The EVGA SuperNOVA G3 reduced ripple of the output voltage

This fall, EVGA introduced the series SuperNOVA G2L, which turned out to be a «cosmetic» update long available in the market platform. At the same time, the company was preparing an entirely new series of SuperNOVA G3, which was presented just now. One of the most notable external change was the reduced body depth — now it is 150 mm even the older models with a capacity of 1 kW.

In the line of EVGA SuperNOVA G3 are also models with a capacity of 550, 650, 750 and 850 W model covers a ten-year guarantee except the two younger BP with seven-year warranty. Efficiency is still evaluated certificate 80 Plus Gold and up to 90% when the input voltage is 115 V, 92% at 220-240 V. Use Japanese capacitors, all cables are detachable. EVGA announces further reduction of the output ripple compared to the G2 family.

The only line of 12 V can be loaded on the entire nominal capacity of the PSU. Provides protection against output voltage, power, current and temperature within the permissible limits. This is a new fan frame size 130 mm, with hydraulic bearings, he starts working only when the load increases above 20%, gradually increasing momentum with its growth. The price of EVGA SuperNOVA G3 depends on the capacity and ranges from $90 to $160.



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