The European Union has abolished roaming charges

Today in the European Union abolished roaming charges. The President of the European Parliament Antonio Tajani (Antonio Tajani) said that abolishing roaming charges is one of the largest and most tangible achievements of the European Union.

The press release States that the relevant institutions of the European Union made every effort for 10 years to fix this «market failure». While mobile operators had two years to prepare for the abolition of roaming, which allowed us to find the right balance between abolition of fees and the need to keep packages competitive operators.

The lack of roaming charges applies for all EU citizens who travel between the countries of the Association, and later the fee will be abolished for the citizens of Iceland, Norway and Liechtenstein. Of course, tourists, purchasing a SIM card of one of the operators of the European Union, will also be spared from having to pay roaming charges when travelling in EU countries.


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