The European Union by 2019, will provide drones for the air space U-space

Every month the number of drones used by common consumers, will increase significantly. There is nothing surprising in the fact that different countries want in some way to regulate this segment.

Here, the European Commission unveiled its plans. According to the document, by 2019, the EU will come into action new rules governing the use of drones. Verify that at the moment each EU country rules for this market.

Under the new rules, the EU will create airspace in low-level, called U-space, which will extend to a height of 150 m. At the moment, the European aviation safety Agency (European Aviation Safety Agency; EASA) is working with the member countries of the EU, and the commercial sector, while developing appropriate norms for the regulation of flying in space U-space.

In addition, by 2019, it should make the system of registration of drones and operators, system identification, and will be introduced geofences. EASA believes that the space U-space should be safe and automated.

We will remind, last month the court abolished the compulsory registration of drones in the United States after a lawsuit by one person.



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