The European Commission will require Apple to reimburse up to 13 billion euros in unpaid taxes

The European Commission believes that Apple for many years, paid taxes at an unreasonably reduced rate, therefore the company would require to compensate unpaid amount. Supportive attitude of the Irish government, in contravention of adopted EU standards, led to the fact that Ireland will have to recover from Apple in addition to 13 billion euros. The fundamental decision on payment will be announced this week, and the exact amount to be determined by the Irish tax authorities.

The investigation was launched in the summer of 2014, when the European Commission became interested in tax preferences that Apple has received in Ireland. The year before, the Irish government rejected the allegations of special tax agreement with Apple, when it became known that Apple withdrew from the payment of taxes 44 billion dollars, using a loophole in the laws. In the autumn of last year, information appeared that Apple could be fined for tax evasion. The results of the investigation showed that between 2003 and 2013, the effective rate of tax paid by the company decreased from 1% to 0.005%. Recall that the current Irish rate of 12.5% and is the lowest in the European Union.

Source: European Commission



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