The European Commission is suing Ireland due to the fact that she’s not recovered from the Apple 13 billion euros of taxes

The European Commission appealed to the European court against Ireland, accusing it of not trying to recover from Apple’s unpaid tax in the amount of 13 billion euros.

According to Margrethe Vestager (Margrethe Vestager), who served as European Commissioner for competition of the European Commission, the delay in such cases is possible because of the complexity of the process, but the country being an EU member is obliged to make the necessary effort.

In August last year, the European Commission ordered Apple to pay the said amount, after coming to the conclusion that the company illegally received in Ireland a tax credit from the state.

The deadline for the implementation of the provisions expired on January 3, but it is Apple that filed the appeal, failed to get a penny. An appeal was filed and the Irish government.



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