The European Commission has acknowledged Facebook is guilty of providing false information in the absorption of WhatsApp and imposed a fine of 110 million euros

At the end of last year the European Commission accused the company of Facebook in providing information about the takeover of WhatsApp company. The question related to privacy policy.

In particular, before merging Facebook has assured the EU that will not be able to realize the automatic mapping of user accounts the social network with phone numbers registered with WhatsApp.

However, in August 2016 WhatsApp announced changes in the privacy policy. Among other things, users are advised that telephone numbers WhatsApp can be associated with the accounts of these people in Facebook.

In the end, Facebook was found guilty and was today published a press release. For violation the company will have to pay a fine in the amount of 110 million euros. The Commission found that Facebook had committed two separate crimes, although, formally, they are part of the same. It’s about the fact that the company provided false information when filing the form of notification on the merger, and then did the same thing when I received a direct request of the European Commission on this matter.



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