The European Commission has accused Facebook of misinformation when buying WhatsApp

The European Commission has accused the company of Facebook in providing information about the takeover of WhatsApp company providing the messaging service. Published on this occasion, a press release said that the prosecution does not negate the permissions on the transaction, which was issued in 2014. However, misinformation Facebook faces a fine of up to 1% of annual turnover.

The charge related to the change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp, according to which the telephone numbers of some users of WhatsApp will be available Facebook. At the same time, planning the takeover of WhatsApp, the company Facebook has assured the EU that will not be able to associate user accounts of the two resources.

According to the European Commission, contrary to the assertions of Facebook, the technical ability to automatically map the user IDs to Facebook and WhatsApp have existed in 2014. This means that the company Facebook has provided incorrect information at the time of the study deal. The answer is Facebook needs to follow until January 31.

Sources: European Commission, Reuters



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