The Essential the mobile Phone repair in most cases

Specialists iFixit got a new mobile Phone Essential. Looking ahead, we note that the existence of essentially unique display has adversely affected the maintainability of the apparatus.

Difficulties in disassembly at iFixit began immediately. It turned out that the typical warm-up enough to separate the back panel or the display. It was therefore decided to use a very unusual for the segment method: freezing.

Despite the seeming absurdity, this helped. But it turned out that under the back cover there is nothing interesting and we have to dismantle the screen. And here there was a second accident. To separate the screen without damage failed that already puts an end to service if different from the damage of the screen.

Under the unusual display is found no less unusual metal plate covering the entire inner part of the smartphone. In addition, she serves as a radiator and even has a heat pipe.

On the motherboard of the device located chip flash memory Samsung KLUDG8V1EE-B0C1, chip RAM Samsung K3UH5H50MM-NGCJ, adapter Qualcomm WCN3990, amplifier Skyworks Solutions 77360-2 and other components.

In the end, the smartphone for maintainability earned only one point out of a possible ten. In fact, the inability to disassemble the display without damaging it significantly reduces the usefulness of most types of repair.

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