The entire rear surface of the module Timewave for smartphones Moto Z is sensitive to touches and taps

At the end of last year it became known that Lenovo will help developers create new modules for smartphones Moto Z and collect money on Indiegogo. At the moment, the implementation of modularity in these smartphones is the most successful, although completely such it can be called only in the succession of generations.

Anyway, the finalist of the project was the company Esper module Timewave. Created call your module device 5D, as it recognizes and swipes, and tapping, and tapping, and moving in space. And sensitive to touch there is, apparently, the entire surface of the module.

Features of the module can be used to launch apps, return to the desktop, activate voice control, reversing video, scrolling web pages, control music playback and so on. Moreover, some functions are available even without activating the display of the smartphone.

The creators of the module promise soon to publish the video it becomes clear what is their brainchild.



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