The electric Tesla Model S drove 1078 km on a single charge, setting a new record

The manufacturer claims that the electric car Tesla Model S P100D can drive in normal usage scenarios is about 500 km. In this case, taking into account frequent stops, acceleration, overtaking and other factors.

But how many can drive this car in eco mode on highway without any stops? Twice more that proved the members of the fan club Tesla Owners Club Italia. Serial electric car Tesla Model S P100D traveled without recharging 1078 km, beating the previous record by more than 170 km.

Also there was another record: none of the standard electric car couldn’t drive on a single charge, more than 1000 km.

Record run took 29 hours, average speed was about 37 km/h For best results was used tires with low resistance, most of the time the autopilot was turned on, and the driver did not use air conditioning.



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