The electric car Tesla Model 3 will be Tesla used high-strength glass Glass

Executive Director of Tesla Ilon Musk (Elon Musk) has confirmed that the company was formed a special group, which is developing high-strength glass.

Glass called Glass Tesla, it is, in particular, will be used in the electric Tesla Model 3. During a recent interview, Musk spoke about the glass coverage of the «solar roofs plan», noting that in creating a new type of glass involved are truly amazing people. The little video shows that other types of protective glass are broken, whereas Tesla Glass can withstand a drop in weight.

One of the amazing people mentioned by Musk, is the head of the team Tesla Glass Mike Pilliod (Mike Pilliod), who was one of the leading Apple experts on the materials. His name appears in a large number of patents registered by Apple.

Musk said that the Tesla production of Glass in large quantities is relatively inexpensive for the company, so Tesla is planning to use the new glass.



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