The electric car Tesla Model 3 can get solar panels on the roof

Last week, the Executive Director of Tesla Motors Elon Musk (Elon Musk) announced that the electric car Tesla Model 3 will use new high-strength glass-house development of the company, which was called Tesla Glass.

It was also announced that buyers of the electric car Tesla Model S now available a new version with a fully glass roof, which offered to pay $ 1,500. Elon Musk urges potential buyers exactly this version, the creation of which, according to him, it took a lot of force, but the result has fully justified itself. The interior of the car with a glass roof literally transformed.

After the announcement of Elon musk asked the following question: «Some misinterpreted your statement about using technology in Glass Tesla Tesla Model 3. They think that you will install solar panels in the roof of the car.»

What the head of the company replied as follows: «we May offer it as an option». On the question of whether this option is expensive, he replied in the negative.



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