The electric bus Proterra Catalyst E2 can travel without recharging 560 km

Proterra is a young company specializing in electric buses, presented a model for Catalyst E2, is able to travel without recharging 560 km, a margin of autonomy is not only a significant increase from the previous model, is equal to 415 km, but also ensures continuous operation of Catalyst E2 throughout the day. If you are using E2 on long-distance routes is enough to place the charging stations only at terminal points.

The bus has two batteries with a capacity of 660 kW∙h to Increase the range of walking on a single charge allowed relief chassis and regenerative braking system. Price Catalyst E2 is equal to $799000, more than double the price of a diesel bus of comparable capacity. On the other hand, electric buses do not pollute the air. The first Catalyst E2 buses will be on the road in California in 2017.

Source: Proterra


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