The dyeing of the short hair 2018. Trendy shades and techniques

Most mediocre haircut on short hair can be transformed with the help of exquisite colouring. Sometimes women are not ready to change the shape of hair, but the color change is easy to agree. There are many techniques, methods and ways of coloring short hair. Each of them puts its emphasis and harmonizes the exterior as a whole. It is only important to choose the right master who will be able to select and implement a suitable staining.

We will place emphasis

The new season will be fashionable coloring bangs separately from the rest of the hair. In this method, a number of advantages. No need to spoil the paint all the hair. In addition, it’s easy to look original and unusual. If painted only the bangs, the color can be changed more often than if the paint had to be applied to the entire length of hair. It is impossible to say that the coloring of the bangs is the only youth style. For this purpose it is not necessary to create a striking contrast. You can lighten strands from a person only a couple of shades, thus creating additional volume.

Rainbow tints in the hair

Last season, in the new migrated coloring in the colors of the rainbow. The short hair these colors will look very entertaining. You can choose youth style and paint the strands in bright shades to suit the girl’s complexion. Those who are not ready to such experiments, we can suggest a more restrained shades: pale blue, dusty pink, mother of pearl. This rosy arrangement can afford even old ladies.

Ombre on short hair

Ombre on short hair looks not less effectively, than long. A smooth transition from a darker to a lighter color creates a fascinating and much-desired by most women volume. For short haircuts you can choose natural shades and extreme flashy colors. The main thing is to maintain the style and to consider in advance how the new image will be combined with the existing wardrobe of clothes.

Noble ashes in her hair

Ash blonde was always in fashion. The new season will bring ladies fashion for cool shades, similar to gray hair. Of course, such a coloring can inflict considerable harm dark hair and require special care in the future. Blondes nature will be easier to get the desired shade, but the etching of the hair pigment definitely not going to hair good.

Because of the risk of damage to such staining is more suitable for short hair. If the hair is badly damaged, you can upgrade them for a short time. Dared to do it will be satisfied, because they get a stylish, sparkly hairstyle that definitely will allocate a «Snow Queen» from the crowd.

Shades of red are in trend again

A few seasons ago, many fashionistas have sought to paint their tresses in shades of rotten cherries, eggplant, ochre and mahogany. In 2018 back fashion on the red, but now the shades are much bolder. In the course will be various shades from light pink to rich Burgundy. Even the most modest lover of the metamorphoses will be able to choose a trendy hue to taste.

Two tones and a clear division

An alternative to the world called going to be the painting in two colors, but with a clear transition. You can choose any option. For example, again in the fashion of staining of occipital and temporal parts in contrasting natural color. In addition to ultra-short haircuts with shaved parts can be painted the shaved part. Any of the options will be unique and terrific.

Metal accent on hair

Ash blond worthy competition will be short cut metal shade. In fact it is the same bleached hair, but the special paint gives them a silvery hue similar to the color of the light metals. In the new season, these hairstyles are gaining special popularity, as it will fit young girls and older ladies who wish to disguise their natural gray hair.

Color crow wing

Deep blue-black shade is the brightest among the rest of the palette. He will make the face more expressive and will distinguish his features. It should be remembered that the ladies at the age of these staining will not work. Too dark hair will make wrinkles more noticeable. In addition, the black color emphasizes the paleness of the skin. Before embarking on this painting, you should see yourself in the mirror or consult with a professional.

The roots in the trend

Along with the Ombre coloring and Balaj in Vogue the roots. This hairstyle is very practical as it does not require regular touch-UPS. Surprisingly, such methods do not create a slovenly appearance, and allow you to look stylish and attractive. It should be clarified that we are talking only about the dark roots and light colored hair.

Balaj a short haircut

Balazs somewhat similar in appearance with staining Ombre, but these techniques are radically different. Balazs requires paint lighter shade just on the tips. From the wizard, you need precision and even distribution of paint, although at first glance it seems that the strands dyed at random. Ombre requires the use of several shades to create a smooth transition to another tone. In the new season for painting Balazs popular are caramel, honey and cream shades.

Pastel and other shades

Most women strive to achieve a noble shade. Experimentation is the easiest way to put on short hair. Very beneficial to the skin sets off the caramel. The softness of the color make the hair more shiny. Among the pastel shades popularity will be warm shades. But among the cold, some ladies will find your color. Brown should try coffee shade. Particularly impressive it will look in combination with dark skin. Those who have pale skin and want to try shades of coffee, it is recommended to use a makeup blush warm shades.

If the fashionista is still afraid to lose color, then you can start to paint a few strands. Then it will immediately become clear, decorate the selected color image or spoil it. In any case, a short haircut can be easily changed and painted in a more suitable color.

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