The Dutch police following the eagles will adopt Microsoft HoloLens

As we reported, the police of the Netherlands first in the world to use trained eagles to catch drones that illegally enter forbidden territory.

In the foreseeable future on the armament of the local police can also do helmets augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens. Police chief Rob Kouwenhoven (Rob Kouwenhoven) said that the University of technology Delft (Delft University of Technology), the company Twnkls that specializiruetsya augmented reality (AR) and the Netherlands forensic Institute (Dutch Forensic Institute) participate in the new experiment, the purpose of which is the introduction of AR technologies in everyday service police officers.

At the moment, tests with a relatively simple system that includes two smartphones. One attached to the shoulder and up to his forearm. This allows you to more effectively analyze crime scenes, and leave digital marks on the environment and AR notes for their colleagues. Also began tests with the Microsoft HoloLens, which should allow you to facilitate learning the notes of evidence and overall analysis of the crime scene.

In addition, Dutch police are planning to use Microsoft HoloLens for recreating crime scenes in the course of the training officers. Theoretically, augmented reality technology can even speed up trials.

Finally, the AR technology will be used in the country for more effective management of road traffic.



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