The drive capacity of 10 TB entered into a series of WD Purple

The line of hard drives WD Purple has expanded «up» model the maximum at the moment the capacity of 10 TB. Recall that this series consists of drives for video surveillance systems that run 24/7 and include up to 64 cameras and generate data stream up to 180 TB in a year. Previous lineup WD Purple took place a year ago.

The novelty has increased the capacity of the cache memory up to 256 MB, 4K AllFrame technology optimizes streaming operation (ATA streaming) in order to deal with the loss of personnel. HDA drive WD Purple WD100PURZ filled with helium, the third generation HelioSeal platform. The plates rotate with a speed of 5,400 rpm interface SATA 6 GB/s, the claimed resource during the Parking of the heads is 300 thousand cycles.

Energy consumption in data access and simple is 6.2 and 5 W, respectively, operating temperature range 0 to 65°C, the noise level does not exceed 29 dBA. Hard drive WD Purple WD100PURZ valued at $400.

Western Digital


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