The draft modular smartphone Andy Rubin lost their main investor. Perhaps, through the fault of Apple

In the beginning of this year it became known that the Creator of Android Andy Rubin (Andy Rubin) founded the company Essential Products, which started work on its own smartphone. Moreover, this device should be modular, although in what form this modularity is implemented, is still unknown.

It is now known that the main support for the startup were to receive from Japanese operator SoftBank. And support more than impressive for such a young company: $ 100 million! Because of this Essential Products would be immediately increased its market value to $ 1 billion.

However, new data indicate that SoftBank have decided not to support the project ruby. Officially, the reason was not called. There is an opinion that the blame, oddly enough, Apple. The fact that the funds had to allocate a Fund SoftBank Vision, owned by Japanese operator. But recently, Apple agreed to invest in the Fund of $ 1 billion. Quite possibly, the ability of knowing ruby, copertina SoftBank has put the condition that they will invest in the Fund only if the project Essential Products will not be supported financially.



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