The display of Samsung Galaxy S8 Active scratch as easily as the screen Moto Force Z2

Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is Active, there is a problem, like Moto devices with screens ShatterShield. Simply put, the display is protected by the flagship Samsung is very easy to scratch.

This is evidenced by multiple feedbacks of owners of the device on the website of the Korean giant. People complaining that the screen is scratched from simply being in my pocket. This is a consequence of the use of plastic instead of glass as a top protective layer. It plastic gives extra protection against damage, but it can scratch any material with hardness greater than 2 on the Mohs scale.

In fact, this feature was a model Galaxy S7 Active, but at the time of her thematic resources are not wrote.

Also, as it turned out, Motorola has an interesting service that has been around for quite a long time, but again little mention. The fact that the Moto smartphones with screens ShatterShield the top layer of plastic, which the company calls lens, can be replaced. And Motorola in the USA offers this service for $ 30, while the corresponding set allows you to make the replacement on your own. However, now on the company website there are offers only for Z and Moto Droid Turbo 2. Maybe for the new models this service is no longer available.



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