The DigiSnap controller Pro allows you to organize long interval shooting, even in very difficult conditions

The company introduced the Harbortronics DigiSnap controller Pro designed for timelapse. Although many cameras already have a built-in timelapse function, DigiSnap Pro offers much more.

The controller can work standalone or with control over a network or from a mobile device via Bluetooth LE. According to the manufacturer, it supports almost all current digital cameras. This applies both to the control signals and the supply voltage. You can connect two external batteries with hot-swap and charging from external power source, which may be the AC adapter, solar battery, mobile battery or PoE port.

The controller is able to automatically transfer images via Wi-Fi or wired network connection, as well as using a cellular modem or satellite communication terminal. To reduce battery consumption, you can send images of not one, but a series, and to reduce traffic — only some of them. In the local store, you can use hard drive connected via USB and mounted inside the enclosure and an external flash drive, also connected via USB. The device periodically sends email messages about your condition. In addition, the message will be urgently sent in case of, for example, camera failure or battery discharge, high temperature or humidity.

The components of the device are enclosed in a metal case with dimensions of 58 x 89 x 25 mm. Price controller — $900. The Bluetooth module is sold separately and costs $120.

Source: Harbortronics


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