The die area of SoC Apple A11 Bionic is 30% less than the A10, despite the emergence of a completely new unit NPU

Resource Tech Insights has made it to the iPhone 8 Plus to disassemble it. But in this case we are not interested in the disassembly process. The fact that the resource specialists have studied in detail the new SoC Apple A11 Bionic.

Recall that this single-chip system stands out for several features. First, this is the first 10-nanometer SoC the Apple. Second, this is the first Apple platform containing the GPU own design company. Thirdly, this is the first Apple SoC that received a separate processor for applications of artificial intelligence. It is also the first platform used in the iPhone, which has received six-core CPU.

So, A11 Bionic has a square crystal 89,23 mm2, which is 30% less than the previous platform Apple. The CPU takes about 15% of the area of GPU — 20%, SDRAM — 8%. Data about the module NPU no, but the photo shows that it is quite large. That is, without the die area would be even smaller and this despite the fact that A11 A10 much more productive.

You can also note a curious fact. GPU Apple is supposedly brand new, but the location of its units and their form is very similar to what was in A10.



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