The device, which recently issued for a Surface Phone, is cancelled by smartphone Dell

Well-known commentator Paul Tarrot (Paul Thurrott) commented on the images which recently published an insider Evan Bless (Evan Blass) in his Twitter page.

We will remind, Bless stated that in the device in which the community has adopted for the Surface Phone has an Intel processor that rivals the performance of processors for laptops. He also added that this is not just a concept but a very real device.

Now, in his blog, Paul Tarrot stated that the photos depict a device that was made by Dell. Referring to the tested informants, he confirmed that the device that used the Intel x86 architecture, was cancelled in the development stage. As planned, the smartphone was supposed to work in conjunction with a laptop, developing existing functionality Continuum.

When Intel stopped the production of processors for smartphones, the project was cancelled.



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