The developers call Nigel the world’s first artificial intelligence, General purpose

The company Kimera Systems presented the development under the name Nigel, which the developers call «the world’s first commercial human-like intelligence technology for connected devices». For Nigel invented another definition of artificial intelligence, General purpose (artificial general intelligence, AGI). Allegedly, immediately after the start, Nigel began to study, analyzing the behavior of people using compatible devices.

Nigel key ability is the ability to accumulate knowledge and reaction to the context. The creators of the system believe that has made a breakthrough since the emergence of such commercial systems expected only after decades.

According to the developers, the context gives a drastic advantage over personal assistants, available on mobile devices, which may confound a simple question, requiring not a pre-programmed reactions, and understanding of the situation. For example, a smartphone is pointless to ask whether all on a place, because the answer must be relevant to the current situation. Nigel understands the meaning of the question, so can give a meaningful answer. In this case, if the question asked the man, late for a meeting specified in the schedule, Nigel will analyze who else should come to the meeting and where every member (of course, this application must be installed on their smartphones). If in one place are all but late, it will receive the answer: «Yes, everybody’s here, except you.»

While there is beta testing Nigel in a narrow circle of users, but soon is expected to release a public beta. The developers emphasize that the taken the necessary measures to protect the information available to Nigel, including its encryption.

Source: Kimera Systems


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