The developers call Moorebot personal robotic assistant

On the website IndieGoGo started a fundraiser to release the device Moorebot shown in the illustrations. The developers are called Moorebot personal robotic assistant, noting that the device can be used for entertainment and surveillance.

Robot Moorebot reminiscent of eyes and mimic has some abilities that allows him to visually react and voice commands. For example, it can affirmatively to hide behind, wide open with delight, to blink in case of uncertainty. In the «eye» is the camera and movement design allows you to Orient it in the desired direction.

The robot recognizes voice commands and he can speak and sing phrases that are programmed using the mobile app. The camera and recognition feature allows the robot to recognize the users face.

According to the creators Moorebot, the robot can be used not only as a household toy, but also, say, in the office, hotel or restaurant where he could greet visitors, answer questions, and make our standard offer. Moorebot can read aloud information from the network, for example, weather and news, anecdotes and literary works, to play music, «dancing» at the same time.

The robot uses a Quad-core ARM Cotex-A7, running Linux 3.4. RAM is 256 MB, flash memory 2 GB. There is a slot for cards microSD up to 32 GB. The basis of the camera serves as sensor size 1/2. 7 inch 2MP resolution. The field angle of the lens is equal to 110°. The sound picks up dual microphone with noise reduction function and the audio output is the speaker power of 2 watts. The robot supports Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n and Zigbee HA 1.21. The power of the device provides a battery capacity of 2400 mA * h.

To get the robot, enough to make $159. Shipping should start in November.

Source: Indiegogo


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