The developer of the DVD specifications has accused Apple of violating six patents

Company Nissim is the developer of the key elements of the DVD specifications, and the owner of the relevant patent. Among those who have done it in the license agreement, you can call the company Acer, Bose, Dell, Funai, JVC, HP, Hitachi, IBM, Lenovo, LG, Matsushita, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Sony, Thomson and Toshiba. By the way, many of them participated in the development of DVD. However, behalf of Apple. Meanwhile, Apple has for many years equipped its computers with DVD drives. According to Nissim, this was accompanied by infringements of patents, as is said in a lawsuit filed Nissim.

A set of patents known as the patent Nissim», be sure to use hardware that meets the specifications Read Only Disc Part 3 Video Specifications, Version 1.1, adopted in December 1997 as part of the DVD standard. The inventor, received the patent is the owner of the company Nissim, Max Abecassis (Max Abecassis). The development described in the patents of Nissim are used in DVD players and optical drives for computers.

The lawsuit alleges that Apple violated the following patents granted by the US patent office: No. 5434678 Seamless Transmission Of Non-Sequential Video Segments; No. 5589945 Computer-Themed Playing System, No. 5913013 Seamless Transmission Of Non-Sequential Video Segments, No. 6151444 Motion Picture Including within a Duplication of Frames, N 6208805 Inhibiting a Control Function from Interfering with a Playing of a Video and # 6643207 Playing a Variable-Content-Video Having A User Interfac. The violation, according to the plaintiff, there are drives that can play DVD-Video, installed in desktop computers, laptops and servers, and external drives. The plaintiff expects compensation for the damage caused by the violation.

Source: Patently Apple, Nissim



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