The designer created three-dimensional model of the iPhone 8 based on the leaked drawing

This week an employee of Foxconn, which brings together the iPhone, has posted a picture of a three-dimensional model raduyuschego of the iPhone 8.

An Instagram user under the name of bro.king used this image to simulate the body of the smartphone and show it at different angles.

According to the source, it is one of several variants of the iPhone 8, which Apple is testing. The rear panel has dual camera with two modules arranged vertically, and the fingerprint sensor.

Earlier it was reported that Apple is not yet able to place this element under the surface of the display, which will occupy the entire front panel. There is also a version that this cut is not meant for a fingerprint scanner, and the system operation of wireless charging.

On the bottom you can see two of the speaker grill, and a socket for charging and data transfer.



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