The deficit frameless displays will remain in 2018, prices will continue to rise

Current shortage of the new displays for smartphones, which have virtually no framework on the sides, will continue next year, experts say.

The deficit will generate by manufacturers of smartphones, which will produce more and more edge-to-edge smartphones in the foreseeable future. There is another important factor. If before the standard rectangular display with an aspect ratio of 16:9 suitable for smart phones of different manufacturers, but now the customer put forward specific requirements for edge-to-edge displays. Someone sees your flagship with curved sides, some people prefer to do the rounding for all corners of the screen, someone needs to make a cutout for the camera and so on.

Summing up, the sources added that manufacturing a new frameless displays takes more time, therefore, to mass-their supply is currently very difficult.

As a result, the growth of prices for displays with an aspect ratio of 18:9 will be double-digit in the third quarter of this year, after which prices will continue to rise.


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