The decision fined Intel 1.06 billion will be revised

The European court of justice has rendered a decision on the revision of the results of the antitrust investigation of Intel, which ended with a fine of 1.06 billion dollars.

We will remind, in 2009 the European Commission fined Intel for illegal actions in relation to AMD, serving as a competitor to Intel in the microprocessor market. During the investigation it was found that Intel paid computer makers, including Acer, Dell, HP, Lenovo and NEC for delays and refusal to release models with components made by AMD. In addition, Intel paid a major retail chain MediaMarkt for trading exclusively with computers based on the Intel.

In 2012, Intel filed an appeal, but the attempt to challenge the decision of the European Commission was unsuccessful in 2014, the court confirmed the Commission’s decision.

After that Intel has only one possibility to continue the dispute, appealing to the higher instance court of the European Union, considering not the facts of the cases, and the validity of the application of a rule. The manufacturer took advantage of this opportunity. This time his actions were successful.

The court sent the case back for reconsideration, finding that the decision was made without sufficient assessment of how Intel’s actions affected the ability of AMD to compete with Intel. This means that Intel has managed to avoid the penalty and delay the final decision indefinitely.



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