The curved screen can become the hallmark of Samsung smartphones Galaxy S

Recalling the words of the head of the mobile division of Samsung, the source claims that the South Korean manufacturer plans to make curved screens are a hallmark of the family of smartphones Galaxy S.

Obviously, this decision maker is pushing the success of the models with curved screens. In particular, according to estimates by Samsung, model Galaxy S7 Edge with curved screen, released in February, sold better than released simultaneously with the model Galaxy S7 with flat screen.

Starting in 2015, Samsung’s flagship model is accompanied by its variant with curved screen. In the case of Galaxy S6, it was a variant of the Galaxy S6 Edge, and in the case of Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 Edge option. Recently, however, the model Galaxy Note7 also has a curved screen. Perhaps the final decision to abandon smartphones with flat screens in the line of Galaxy S will be made on the basis of how successful will be the model Galaxy Note7. If successful flagship in 2017, will be the one with a curved screen, and it will be called Galaxy S8.

Source: GSM Arena



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