The cryptocurrency Bitcoin is divided into two

Last night in the world of crypto-currencies was an important event. First and foremost cryptocurrency, has been divided into two: Bitcoin and Bitcoin to Cash. This process is called a «hard fork».

Without going into technical details, interesting and understandable only to those who actively engaged in or interested in cryptocurrency, we note that the division alleged were intended to expedite the transaction.

The division has been scheduled a little earlier by a group of miners (pool ViaBTC), disagree with the implementation of the mechanism Segwit2x increasing block cryptocurrency with 1 to 2 MB. Bitcoin Cash size reaches 8 MB.

The owners of Bitcoin wallets absolutely for free got coins Bitcoin Cash in the amount equal to the amount of coins Bitcoin in their accounts. Currently, the new cryptocurrency is estimated at 483 dollars, although last night the price was equal to only 350 dollars. The main currency Bitcoin is 2706 dollars, but the exchange rate is still very unstable.

While analysts have no consensus on the future Bitcoin Cash. Some believe that it will rise to the level of the original currency, and some claim that it is waiting for oblivion.


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