The Creators update Update add in Windows 10, a mode «picture in picture»

The Windows 10 marked the transition of Microsoft to the new principle of operating system updates. If the company basically only bug fixes and improved security, Windows 10 is serious enough changes with the release of major updates.

The upcoming update Creators Update will bring a lot of new features that should make Windows 10 even better. One of the new features will be a function of Compact Overlay. Talking about the picture mode «picture in picture». The idea is very old, but under Windows it has never been implemented, although in some scenarios is useful.

Unfortunately, support for the Compact Overlay, apparently, will receive only application platform Universal Windows Platform. Initially it will be implemented in Movies & TV and Skype Preview.

In addition, Microsoft reports on the implementation of Dynamic Lock. The essence of her work is that the PC is automatically locked when out of range disappears paired with it via Bluetooth a smartphone. This is useful, for example, in the workplace, where the user constantly have to leave the computer.

New features now available in preview version of Windows 10 Insider program, 15031.



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