The Creators update Fall Update to Windows 10 will be available October 17

Microsoft preparing shortly to release the next major upgrade to Windows 10. It’s called Fall Creators Update.

On its website Microsoft has announced that it will be available to the masses on October 17. As the name implies, this update is again aimed primarily at those who create certain types of content.

We have already talked about the major new features and applications that will appear in the operating system with the release of this update. Among them Story Remix (the modern equivalent of Windows Movie Maker), the Timeline (displaying by the user the action in chronological order), Clipboard (can copy files from one device and insert them on the other) and so on.

Now, Microsoft spoke about other innovations. They say about upgrading the Photos app, Application, cloud storage, update, game modes, improve safety and, of course, the new features associated with a mixed reality.



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